Game Informer Magazine

17 May

Issue 229, May 2012

Title: Game Informer

Publisher: Sunrise Publications

Subscription Rate: $19.98/1 year/ Available in print or digital format.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly

Summary/Description: Game Informer features articles on video games. It covers console gaming, handheld gaming, and online and PC gaming. The magazine publishes articles about game consoles, strategies, game reviews, industry news, interviews with industry personalities, new and upcoming releases, and reader contributions. With over 7.5 million subscribers, it is the highest circulated video game magazine and has been listed as the fourth largest overall magazine. GameStop Corp., the parent company of the video game retailer, provides subscriptions through the stores’ PowerUp Rewards card, GameStop’s customer apprecation program. In addition to the discounts afforded members by using the card is access to the exclusive content and pre-order opportunities on the Game Informer website.

Critical Evaluation: Game Informer is the go-to magazine for anyone interested in video games. The magazine’s covers are always dynamic, usually featuring a spotlighted, hotly anticipated video game like recent favorites Assassin’s Creed and Halo 4 (pictured). The articles are written by journalists who are also dedicated video game fans, giving a depth to game coverage in the magazine. Content covers games rated “E” for everyone, like Pokemon and the Lego series of games to the rated “M” for Mature games like Call of Duty and The Walking Dead. Readers can expect well-written articles and interviews with smart insights.

Reader’s Annotation: Want the latest news in the hottest video games?Game Informer has everything you’re looking for.

Genre: Magazine, Subgenre: Video games, gaming.

Reading level/Interest Age: 13+

Challenge Issues/Defense: While the games reviewed have their ratings clearly posted, some games may be considered inappropriate for younger readers. Defense: Game ratings are clearly posted throughout the magazine and age-appropriate levels are addressed. There do not appear to be inappropriate screenshots in the magazine.

Why did you include this book in the titles you selected?
This is a very popular gaming magazine that addresses a broad range of video games and platforms. Many teens read it and save issues to refer to.
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