Seventeen Magazine

17 May

May 2012

Title: Seventeen Magazine

Publisher: Hearst Corporation

Subscription Rate: $10/1 year/ Available in print or digital format.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly

Summary/Description: Seventeen is a fashion, beauty and pop culture magazine for teenage girls. First published in 1944, it is the first teen magazine published in the United States. Each issue features articles about makeup, fashion, positive body image, health and wellness, romance, and pop culture. The magazine also acts as a positive force for young women, emphasizing the importance of getting involved in one’s community, school, and family through volunteer work and school activities. There are several international versions of the magazine.

Critical Evaluation: Seventeen is a great magazine for tween and teen girls. It sends positive messages in terms of health, wellness and community involvement and features interviews and spotlights on pop culture figures doing positive things for the environment, their famliies, and global causes. There are fun articles about dating, college life, fashion trends, and makeup as well as more topical articles about women’s health and the global role of women today. The articles are written by journalists and teens are invited to suggest topics via the magazine’s companion website. The website also offers exclusive content for digital subscribers, and links to their online shop, free games, and message boards for all; anyone can also access the site’s “Daily Freebies”, “Salon”, and Quizzes. It is a one-stop shop for younger female readers.

Reader’s Annotation: Where else can you find articles about your favorite show, stars, clothes and makeup?

Genre: Magazine, Subgenre: fashion, dating, romance, advice, health, wellness

Reading level/Interest Age: 13+

Challenge Issues/Defense: Some may object to Seventeen’s coverage of sex and relationships. Defense: Seventeen receives a great deal of reader submissions and takes its content from these requests. These are issues teens want – and need – to know about.

Why did you include this book in the titles you selected?
Seventeen was a favorite magazine of mine as a teen; I wanted to revisit it and see how it has changed over the past two and a half decades.
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